Will we see you over the Jubilee weekend?

On the Sunday Russ will be hosting a themed menu.

Queen's Jubilee Kestrel Lunch — Heathrow AbFab & Kestrel

What are you doing for lunch? We will be celebrating the Jubilee with Pie, Mash & Liquor or Gravy or Beans . We will be open 11.00am - 8.00pm, the day will be clothing optional. Food will be served from 1pm - 6pm Cost for the day if pre-booked Couple - Β£45 Ladies - Β£22.50 Ge

See you all on the 19th!!

We will be implementing the covid jab check. We feel this is socially responsible to minimise the risk to all.

So could you all ensure you have the NHS app to prove your status or Exemption, or a PCR test with results within 24 hours of your attendance.

Can you tell me what the food situation is for tomorrow please? I am looking forward to seeing old faces and new πŸ™‚ x

Renovation are coming along nicely. Can’t wait for you all see.

Getting ΓΌber excited.

You are not the only one... 😘


Yay!!! πŸ₯°

21st of June can not come soon enough. We need to get back to hot tubs and hot steamy fun 😊

you can say that again.... and again.... and again


I miss the tubs and pool so much x



Unfortunately I have some extremely upsetting news.

Our beautiful Maxine who ran the front desk during the week passed away this morning.

Kestrels will not be the same without her. Our hearts are with Russ and all their family.

Taken too young and very quickly πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’”
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So sad to read. Love to all x


RIP. Maxine πŸ˜­πŸ’”

Yet another step closer.....
But still can't open ☹

Boris open nightclubs and we can start to meet all our friends again!!!!

I heard a rumour you're closed for good - any truth to this?

Heathrow Kestrel Wishful thinking from the haters.

We are closed as per regulations and only for regulations.

We always say unless it’s on one of our official pages or sent via our email it’s not true.

See you as soon as we can open 😊


Amazing and that's such good news. I can't wait! All the best till then x

Please do not believe all you read on third party sites. We are working hard in the background making alterations to the building to enhance your visits to us.

We will keep you update but do not think because we do not post we are not reopening, this is far from the truth. We are waiting until we can reopen fully without putting anyone or anything at risk.

Can’t wait

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